Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i promise i will write more stuff when i get back next week. i am being lazy bones in rainy florida and loving it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

it's sticking

so we are in florida with the whole family and having an awesome time. it is especially fun to see the cousins interact. but the best part of all is that danny's brother pete has been calling me "crazy aunt molly" ever since his son andrew was born and it has finally caught on. he has taken a particular liking to me (which is adorable) and he'll say things like , "crazy aunt molly, will you come into the hot tub with me?" or "crazy aunt molly, would you like to play a game with me?" and my personal favorite was when i was in the bathroom drying my hair and he shuffled up to me offering an us weekly and said "this is for you, crazy aunt molly."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

when did nighttime become my enemy?

and this has nothing at all to do with having a one year old.
i just cannot sleep.
i can fall asleep but it is a herculean task to remain asleep. my heart starts racing and it becomes the nightly struggle of me against my brain. i KNOW i'm tired. i look after dane all day, i don't nap, i do mountains of housework blah blah blah it's a mundane list that only other moms take an interest in.
i remember having a solid night's sleep about 3 weeks ago where it was uninterrupted. what the hell is wrong?

makes me sleepy just watching this

this is one of a million things i love about dane.


what you are about to see is graphic in its cuteness. it make make you do something you might not be ready for like getting knocked up.

don't hate me

we are leaving for florida friday crack of dawn early and i am really looking forward to it. duh. of COURSE i am. it's FEBRUARY in OREGON.
by the way, WHY is february spelled like that? it makes no sense. does anyone pronounce it the way it's spelled? lose the "r". the one in the middle, not at the end. that would just be weird.
and wednesday. i'm spelling it wensday. from here on out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

he REALLY likes spoons

dane and i went to target today for some unnecessary cardigans and a VERY necessary mop. while we were there, we sat at the in-store starbucks so i could feed him some lunch. these days dane is all about trying to feed himself with a spoon which is an important lesson and one he must learn but NOT in a public place with flimsy paper napkins.

i tried to explain as he is reaching furiously for the spoon that "mommy will feed dane. MOMMY will feed dane. no NO dane MOMMY will do it." he is getting progressively more and more upset as i practically maim him to get the food in his mouth that finally he did something i have never NOR DO I EVER want to see again.

he leans way back in his high chair so that the top of his head is almost facing the floor below him and lets out a BARBARIC yell. i mean, it is LOUD. it started kind of normal like "oh here comes a little tantrum of his" which i actually think are really funny and then oh my lord it gained momentum like a cartoon snowball that rolls down the hill and gets bigger and bigger as it gathers more snow and i SWEAR it went on for 10 seconds. that may not sound long but when an entire target storefront of checkout lines turns in your direction, it feels REAL long.

in the distance i saw a flock of birds flee their trees in fear.
it was like wild kingdom.

a surprise for molly

since danny and i will not be together on my birthday, we celebrated it last night. we are both pretty sick and yesterday was at the peak for me. but he had a night all planned so we both rose to the occasion. helping us rise to said occasion was a bottle of champagne which we illegally enjoyed on the drive into portland ("champagne! the champagne of road sodas!"). he even produced two glasses from which to drink.

suddenly we were feeling a whole lot better.

we ate at a restaurant called higgins and it was fantastic. apparently danny was "freaking out the whole time" because everyone in the restaurant was going to my birthday surprise and he was worried i'd find out. i didn't.
we ate a reeeeeallllllly great meal and hurried down the street for my surprise which was a wilco concert. not JUST ANY wilco concert-5th row wilco. i want to say my view was unobstructed but it became increasing OBstructed by an enthusiastic lady who did lots of fist pumping and hair flinging and who, by the end of the show, we'd decided she was koo-koo.
it turned out to be one of the best concerts i've seen and i'm sure it was because we could see the band in all their glory. and jeff tweedy was surprisingly hilarious in his crowd banter. the more he spoke, the more i'd giggle and gush prompting danny at one point to say, "stop LOVING him so!". i just couldn't help it.

thanks danny.

words dane can far

1. dada
2. mama
3. bird pronounced "buuuuhr"
4. ball pronounced "buh" very similar to bird
5. truck "guck"
6. car "guck"
7. baby "bah-bwee"
8. jack "gack"
9. gigi "gee-geeeeeee!" always with great enthusiasm
10. nini "nee-neeeeeeee!" again, he loves the ladies

Monday, February 8, 2010

in the zone

ever since dane could touch things, he has taken to his bear blankie something fierce. he especially likes the silky tags .

can't take credit for this one

i love this post. it's from my friend's mommy blog called "monkey brain" at
you should read it. it's funny and really well written, she's a ivy-leaguer after all.


Someone is looking to get slapped
Dear Gisele,

Please stop talking. Just close your mouth before you alienate every red blooded American woman, and maybe even some empathetic and evolved fathers.

I mean, first it started out small, little things like the fact that you had a water birth in the bathtub of the home that you share with husband Tom Brady. No big whoop, right?

And then you start running your mouth. About how you never wore maternity clothes, just made some small changes in the belly of your current clothes. About how you have no nanny and looooooove being awake every 2 hours.

But the cherry on this sundae? That you didn’t feel pain during labor?!

Woman, do you see what you are doing? Not only are you making thousands, if not millions, of mothers hate you, you are breeding a new generation of mothers to hate you. Presumably your fan base is mostly young and male, who now stupidly think that their future wives and baby mommas should not only stay thin during pregnancy, but what are they whining about these pesky contractions?

For the love of all things holy, blame it on post-partum mania and shut it!


Monkey Brain

Friday, February 5, 2010

great night in

the other night i watched our neighbor's kids so they could have a night out together. they were eternally grateful but it was i who was the grateful one because i got to watch tv. glorious tv. i watched american idol, keeping up with the kardashians, the biggest loser, and the best of them all, the documentary on johnny weir. johnny weir, by the way, is fascinating and i'm sure we would be best friends given the chance. i think that about any famous person.
i kept sending my neighbors texts encouraging them to stay out till morning if they wanted to. i could have sat on that damn couch and watched tv till the sun came up. while i love the crap out of tv, it made me realize it's a good decision we made not to get cable. i would watch too much. next thing you know, dane would be in the kitchen foraging for food in the garbage can because MOMMY'S WATCHING HER STORIES!
p.s. on the kardashian front, the best line of the night came from the pregnant one "I'M NOT IN THE MOOD TO PLAY MAYONNAISE MASK ON THE VAGINA!"

Monday, February 1, 2010

i like the baby tshirt

except he has a runny nose as well as a scraped nose as proof of his attempt at walking. i say "attempt" singular because he flat out refuses to try again. and as danny noticed, he is able to stand and actually LIFT his walker off the floor but will not walk.