Friday, February 5, 2010

great night in

the other night i watched our neighbor's kids so they could have a night out together. they were eternally grateful but it was i who was the grateful one because i got to watch tv. glorious tv. i watched american idol, keeping up with the kardashians, the biggest loser, and the best of them all, the documentary on johnny weir. johnny weir, by the way, is fascinating and i'm sure we would be best friends given the chance. i think that about any famous person.
i kept sending my neighbors texts encouraging them to stay out till morning if they wanted to. i could have sat on that damn couch and watched tv till the sun came up. while i love the crap out of tv, it made me realize it's a good decision we made not to get cable. i would watch too much. next thing you know, dane would be in the kitchen foraging for food in the garbage can because MOMMY'S WATCHING HER STORIES!
p.s. on the kardashian front, the best line of the night came from the pregnant one "I'M NOT IN THE MOOD TO PLAY MAYONNAISE MASK ON THE VAGINA!"

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