Friday, March 19, 2010

making the move

i am switching my blog to the tumblr site. it is way better-i hope- and will allow me to make my blog look like how i've wanted it to.
will you please oh please continue to follow me over there?

thanks for reading! tell your friends!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

oedipus anyone?

so dane is now giving kisses which is quite possibly the most precious thing he's ever done. he leans in all slow-mo soap opera and opens his mouth ever so gently thus placing his mouth upon a predetermined area of your face and leaving it there for an undetermined amount of time. it's cripplingly adorable.
tonight he kissed nini (whom he adores tremendously-seriously, he calls for her daily) about 5 times and squealed with delight each time. to be fair, he was probably laughing just because we were but still....

yes, i open mouth kiss my son. what of it?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

go spring go

spring is springing up all over the place in these here parts and i am LOVING it. dane's favorite new thing is to be outside. there is nothing he likes more than stumbling around our yard like a mini-drunk. i spent the better part of the whole day outside yesterday. unfortunately a lot of that day was spent picking up a combo of steaming and chalky piles of dog shit so dane wouldn't face plant in any of them. you'd be surprised at how much dog poop accumulates when you wait the whole winter before picking up any. yeah, i know, that is actually one of the most UNsurprising statements one can make. ever. that's like saying, "you know, you'd be surprised at how much i threw up after drinking that bottle of ipecac."

anyway, here's a springtime video of our little soccer player.
he just loves balls.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

personality in progress

i was just in the kitchen not cooking when i heard dane wail. i ran to him thinking he had bonked his head for the thousandth time only to find him with the wooden ring stacker toy. he was pretty much kicking it in anger. so i slipped out of his sight to observe him a bit and saw that he was trying to stack the rings and when he couldn't he would get really pissed off. it was funny until i imagined him at age11 trying to do his math homework and breaking his pencil.
of course, that'll be in the future so kids probably won't use pencils. he'll be breaking his iPen.
here's hoping dane gets his daddy's aptitude for all things scholarly.
i hear those iPens are wicked expensive.

woe is me for a minute

i just read something kind of cliche but it hit a nerve. it said, "women are heroic in the face of calamity but it's the little things that bring us down".

that's kind of how i'm feeling right now...i mean, minus the calamity bit.

unless by "calamity" you mean facing the grating of 4 chunks of cheese, the chopping and steaming of veggies, folding yet ANOTHER pile of laundry whilst running yet ANOTHER load of laundry, unloading comically full dishwasher, vacuuming up the couscous off the table and floor (yes, i vacuum tables, so what?), blow drying some life into my lifeless hair before dane wakes, applying make up (this is ONLY because we are having guests for dinner), running to the ups store to mail something i should have weeks ago, and last but certainly worst having to call the new york state tax dept which will surely not involve a warm and fuzzy conversation.

all i want to do is crawl into bed with my "people".

that's the magazine, by the way.

Monday, March 8, 2010

too cute

oscar the grouch

do you have any idea how hard it is to avoid the oscars?
my neighbor jess recorded them but we couldn't watch them last night because her husband had a birthday so she was like, "oh molly. i'm sorry but it's kyle's birthday and i really don't think he wants to spend it with you, watching the oscars." i mean, come ON! how selfish can you be? I DO NOT HAVE CABLE, PEOPLE! DO YOU HEAR ME?

this time every year, i am reminded of the night halle berry won her oscar and how i never got to see her speech.
we were living in nyc and i was watching it with my roomie/cousin shane and my bestest boyfriend, david. we had tivo so we were watching it on a bit of a delay. the only award worth watching is best actress and if halle won it would be profound because she's kind of black and all. so we're watching and the anticipation is getting greater by the second with david and i feeding into each other's obsessive excitement. we could hardly even sit on the couch when the time came. the announcer read off the nominees, and david and i are surely holding hands at this point and shane has the remote and the announcer goes, "AND THE WINNER IS..." and shane pauses it, which would have been really brilliant and fun had he not accidentally CHANGED THE CHANNEL. we screamed a slow-motion-in-a-war-and-a-bullet-is-moving-towards-your-best-friend-but-there's-nothing-you-can-do-about-it-scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and by the time he turned back, the show was OVER. 0-V-E-R.
and we weren't recording it.
shane kept saying, "i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i got too excited, i pressed the wrong button, etc....." and i was so upset that i almost cried. my mom called me right after and said "oh honey! wasn't her speech AMAZING?? it was so PROFOUND, oh molly! i can't believe you didn't see it!"

wow, i'm glad my priorities have changed over the years.
i've had to avoid internet and phone calls from david for fear of finding out if sandra won.
on the positive side of this, i do get to go over to jess's in an hour and watch it commercial free, whilst eating ice cream cake til i puke.