Wednesday, March 10, 2010

woe is me for a minute

i just read something kind of cliche but it hit a nerve. it said, "women are heroic in the face of calamity but it's the little things that bring us down".

that's kind of how i'm feeling right now...i mean, minus the calamity bit.

unless by "calamity" you mean facing the grating of 4 chunks of cheese, the chopping and steaming of veggies, folding yet ANOTHER pile of laundry whilst running yet ANOTHER load of laundry, unloading comically full dishwasher, vacuuming up the couscous off the table and floor (yes, i vacuum tables, so what?), blow drying some life into my lifeless hair before dane wakes, applying make up (this is ONLY because we are having guests for dinner), running to the ups store to mail something i should have weeks ago, and last but certainly worst having to call the new york state tax dept which will surely not involve a warm and fuzzy conversation.

all i want to do is crawl into bed with my "people".

that's the magazine, by the way.

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