Tuesday, March 16, 2010

go spring go

spring is springing up all over the place in these here parts and i am LOVING it. dane's favorite new thing is to be outside. there is nothing he likes more than stumbling around our yard like a mini-drunk. i spent the better part of the whole day outside yesterday. unfortunately a lot of that day was spent picking up a combo of steaming and chalky piles of dog shit so dane wouldn't face plant in any of them. you'd be surprised at how much dog poop accumulates when you wait the whole winter before picking up any. yeah, i know, that is actually one of the most UNsurprising statements one can make. ever. that's like saying, "you know, you'd be surprised at how much i threw up after drinking that bottle of ipecac."

anyway, here's a springtime video of our little soccer player.
he just loves balls.


  1. he's walking well enough to be kicking balls at the same time? That's amazing! Seriously, how exciting!

  2. oh my god. he is so adorable. where do i get one?