Wednesday, February 10, 2010

he REALLY likes spoons

dane and i went to target today for some unnecessary cardigans and a VERY necessary mop. while we were there, we sat at the in-store starbucks so i could feed him some lunch. these days dane is all about trying to feed himself with a spoon which is an important lesson and one he must learn but NOT in a public place with flimsy paper napkins.

i tried to explain as he is reaching furiously for the spoon that "mommy will feed dane. MOMMY will feed dane. no NO dane MOMMY will do it." he is getting progressively more and more upset as i practically maim him to get the food in his mouth that finally he did something i have never NOR DO I EVER want to see again.

he leans way back in his high chair so that the top of his head is almost facing the floor below him and lets out a BARBARIC yell. i mean, it is LOUD. it started kind of normal like "oh here comes a little tantrum of his" which i actually think are really funny and then oh my lord it gained momentum like a cartoon snowball that rolls down the hill and gets bigger and bigger as it gathers more snow and i SWEAR it went on for 10 seconds. that may not sound long but when an entire target storefront of checkout lines turns in your direction, it feels REAL long.

in the distance i saw a flock of birds flee their trees in fear.
it was like wild kingdom.

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