Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a surprise for molly

since danny and i will not be together on my birthday, we celebrated it last night. we are both pretty sick and yesterday was at the peak for me. but he had a night all planned so we both rose to the occasion. helping us rise to said occasion was a bottle of champagne which we illegally enjoyed on the drive into portland ("champagne! the champagne of road sodas!"). he even produced two glasses from which to drink.

suddenly we were feeling a whole lot better.

we ate at a restaurant called higgins and it was fantastic. apparently danny was "freaking out the whole time" because everyone in the restaurant was going to my birthday surprise and he was worried i'd find out. i didn't.
we ate a reeeeeallllllly great meal and hurried down the street for my surprise which was a wilco concert. not JUST ANY wilco concert-5th row wilco. i want to say my view was unobstructed but it became increasing OBstructed by an enthusiastic lady who did lots of fist pumping and hair flinging and who, by the end of the show, we'd decided she was koo-koo.
it turned out to be one of the best concerts i've seen and i'm sure it was because we could see the band in all their glory. and jeff tweedy was surprisingly hilarious in his crowd banter. the more he spoke, the more i'd giggle and gush prompting danny at one point to say, "stop LOVING him so!". i just couldn't help it.

thanks danny.

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