Monday, November 16, 2009

thiiis is hoooow we proooooof it (this is how we proof it)

during dane's four month check up, his pediatrician recommended we start thinking about baby-proofing to which i replied, "oh! yes, yes of course what kind of parents do you think we are? of course will get on that right away." while inside i was saying, "he can barely move his head from side to side let alone figure out how to shimmy up to drink the toilet water." but lo and behold, he can move now. and yes, indeed he is "into everything" as i've heard every mom i've ever met say at one point or another.

we finally managed to install a baby gate at the top of our stairs however i wouldn't say it meets the standards of safety by any means. danny had to really work hard to figure out a solution to make it work. it was not a typical top of stairs situation and what he finally came up with is a gate containing open ended screws and a dane sized noggin opening. i swear it is the best anybody could do apart from installing a brand new staircase and i ain't even exaggerating.

yesterday was another glorious sunday consisting of friends and mimosas. (until i get knocked up again i will be drinking like a frat boy.) so after our mimosa fog lifted, we piled in the car to go to walmart and finally purchase the plastic things that go in outlets to prevent electrifying of babies. a trip to walmart isn't complete until we visit the elmo that talks to you and blows kisses. dane and i seek out the kissing elmo everytime we are at a major department store. it was really fun to have danny see dane's reaction to it. when i press elmo's foot, he starts in with the "HI! ELMO LOOOOVES YOU! KISS KISS!" etc and as soon as it's finished dane looks at us and smiles soooooo big. then we press it again and he laughs and smiles and then looks at us as if to say, "I TOLD YOU HE TALKS! IS THAT NOT THE FUNNIEST THING EVER? HE SAID KISS KISS! AND BLEW KISSES! THIS IS SO HILARIOUS! WHY DOES ELMO LIVE AT WALMART?"

because he costs $59.98, dane.

then i saw a v-tech cell phone that i know dane would love for at least 5 days and i looked at danny as if to say. "can we? can we?" and he said the thing that all parents get to say for a month solid out of every year:


and it's true! it IS right around the corner and how AWESOME we get to start using that line even if that WAS directed towards me and not dane. oh the joy of parenting!

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