Thursday, November 19, 2009

no more boob

it's official. dane has weaned himself exactly one month shy of the intended wean date. it started at about 8 months when he boycotted lefty. poor lefty shrunk to the size of a...well, to the size it was before which was nothing to write home about. i continued with righty until 2 days ago when i offered up righty and dane squirmed and bucked like a horsie until i offered up the bottle and dane said, thaaaaaat's more like it woman. same thing again this morning.

thinking back on the extremely painful, rocky beginning of the breastfeeding journey, i think that it is the thing i'm most proud of. considering i had to set the timer to ten minutes each time and making it through that ten minutes was soooooo hard it would actually make me cry. then i remember the day it didn't feel so bad. then it got better and better until i didn't even have to think about it.

it was sweet while it lasted.


  1. RIP boobies, until No. 2! Does this mean that you've been all lopsided for the last three months?!

  2. Thanks a lot for being here while it was awful and painful and teaching me that's what motherhood was like. Then you moved away and things turned wonderful... Molly, you failed to go on an on about the wonderful-ness as much as you did the agony. However, now that I know that while sucky at first, things do get better, I will forgive you, and perhaps consider children of my own one day. Thank you blog for making me reconsider my life's plans.

    P.S. Miss Niwanda, yes she was lopsided, but she pulled it off beautifully.

  3. Time for another baby. JBL

  4. Well done Molly for going until Danger weaned himself! Ryan, it doesn't always have to be sucky at first. We had no problems breast feeding at all. So please hurry up and have a baby already. Would be fun if you and Beth had a baby at the same time. And then come to England to show him off.

    Sorry Molls - my first comment and it's mostly to Ryan. So are you happy to have your boobs back? I was very upset when A said no to my boobies, and I was a bit offended to be honest, I mean what's wrong with my milk!?

  5. Wait so what does he drink? Cow boob? I actually really want to know. Formula looks gross. Hope to see you and your shriveys this weekend if not 2night!