Monday, October 12, 2009

lazy sunday

after getting up with dane first thing in the a.m. and feeling OH SO VERY TIRED, danny shuffled on out to the living room and said the 4 words every mommy loves to hear:

go back to bed.

aaaahhhhh, heaven on earth. i didn't even PRETEND to protest. i crawled right back into bed under those soft fluffy covers and SLEPT.  then an hour later danny comes in and says dane is acting sleepy but won't settle in his crib so he brings him in bed. dane fights it and fights it by crawling all over us and headbutting us and being generally AMAZINGLY ADORABLE and the 3 of us snuggle and cuddle till he finally gives in and sleeps. dane and i wake up an hour and a half later to the smell of "danny's special eggs" and have a lovely breakfast.

i love my husband.


  1. what a perfect day! Congratulations. I put some pics of Dane on my picasa.