Thursday, October 15, 2009


it's one of those mornings where i'm feeling CRAPPY.  flabby, teary, overwhelmed by laundry, baby won't all. how the dickens does a small family create so much effing LAUNDRY? and it's dreary as hell outside and i can't walk anywhere or drive anywhere because we are a one car household. 
and i can't be bothered to put on a bra. if that sounds hot, i assure you it's not.


  1. I'm having a similar day. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

  2. Hope it gets better. Maybe you can revel in it? Really wallow since you already feel like crapola? Sometimes that helps. Except when it doesn't.

  3. O miss Molly, it's not so bad, grab a blankie and some hot chocolate and watch old movies and play with your little guy. PS u need a second car...