Saturday, October 10, 2009

why i love hood river

it is one of those perfect fall days today so dane, ally and i head to the little park down the street for some swinging. ew. now i have unclean images of little baby swingers. ew. 
anywhooooo, dane is in the swing and there are two older boys swinging as well. i'm kind of listening to their conversation and it goes like this:

kid 1: i think we should have girls there.
kid 2: i really don't think my grandma would like that very much.

cute. i didn't even really say hi to them when i walked up because i just assume that i am the epitome of uncool what with my kid and my mom outfit. (which, by the way,  is an "exercise" type of outfit except that i don't "exercise". period. i actually had on a cute outfit earlier. i mean cute for hood river but it was, how do you say? TIGHT. good lord i need to put that "exercise" outfit to use the way the lord intended it.)
so, i was pleasantly surprised when the kid turned to me and said, "hi! i'm cody and this is cyrus."
how freaking polite and adorable and UNUSUAL for an 11 year old kid, right? he said, "what's your name?" and "who's the little guy? he's cute." and "i'm 11 and live on prospect in the big stone house and cyrus lives on prospect in the big log house." etc... etc... i pretended to know which houses they spoke of to make them feel good or something. and they freaked out in a good way when i told him his name was DANGER.  it made me fast forward to when dane's 11 and his friends will for SURE  be calling him that.  i had a totally nice conversation with 2 pre-teen boys which THEY initiated. 
and that is one of the bajillion reasons i love hood river, oregon. 

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