Monday, January 25, 2010

too. cute. must. kiss. lots.

let me tell you one of the gajillion trillion things i love about little danger: he is a snuggler and cuddler extraordinaire. he should have a baby masters degree in it. (yes, that gave me a laugh aloud visual). he snuggles simultaneously ferociously and gently after every nap and/or night's sleep. he plops is pacifier in his mouth and grabs his bear blankie and slams his head on your chest. the cherry on top of that heart melting ice cream sundae is that he REMAINS there. i'm talking for at least 10 minutes. yesterday, i was feeding him breakfast when he reached out for my arm and guided it to his cheek and laid down his fuzzy noggin and snuggled my arm for like 10 seconds. he doesn't restrict his snuggle skill set to living things either. if he is reading a book with anything resembling something cute and fuzzy, he will bring the book to his cheek and go "ooooooooh".
really, i can't take it.

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