Monday, January 25, 2010

and the money is rolling in

hey guess what? i made $.03! no, no, not 3 dollars...3 cents. except i can't find the cents symbol on my keypad.
yeah, yeah, i'm really happy people are reading this because otherwise what the hell is it for right? but i can't help admitting that the thought of potentially turning this into a moneymaker like that damndable "dooce"" lady DID cross my mind. do you know that crazy pixie makes upwards of $40,000 a MONTH? and yes, i'm basically ripping her off except i have MUCH worse photography here but hot DAMN that would be amazing. when starting this blog i also had-in addition to the fantasies of me rolling around on the bed demi moore style rubbing myself with hundreds-fantasies of a talk show devoted to mommyhood. it's like all these bloggers just happen to have book deals and deals with hgtv and deals deals deals.
that would be cool.
i'm just sayin.
i wonder if i'll get a check for that in the mail? i will frame that shit for sure.


  1. Molly!! that's awesome! I knew that all of that time spent on the internet, researching pop culture and obscure references would pay off. Congratulations. (p.s. how do you make $$, did you sell your soul to google? If I had the chance, I would definitely sell my soul to them, maybe you can put in a good word for me)

  2. Hey. I know you only made $3.03, but I see big things in your future. If you make 40G's a month, like some of the other bloggers, will you buy a plane ticket to come see you? It will be like chump change to you. Think about it. No need to make a hasty decision, especially if the answer is no.

  3. I think two of the cents were me clicking to find out how to make candles and see what modern technology can do for baby floatation devices. I am now enlightened and you are rich. Win/win