Sunday, January 24, 2010

i speaketh too soon

ha! figures when i say something so haughty like i did in the previous post about my angel child and his unearthly sleep filled wonderfulness he has a fit of sorts this evening. i put him to bed at 6:10 and he cried pretty solidly till about 30 seconds ago (it's 7:22). ok, he's quiet now. phew.
you see, i am in my bachelorette mode where i have rented "the proposal" having already paid my effing dues with "the hurt locker" last night. along with the fluffy movie, i am on my THIRD night in a row of frozen chicken potstickers and let me tell you audience: IT IS BY CHOICE. it is a PRIVILEGE to eat these things. it says right on the box "delicious and authentic". so there. in addition to the aforementioned delights, i bought a box of "swiss cake rolls" which i used to eat every day in the ninth grade and i swear on my life that is true. every day. ask karrie. she may also remind me of the time she pointed out a stray piece of waxy chocolate which fell on my leg and when she tried to brush it off, realized it was a mole. i'm moley. (i peel the waxy chocolate coating and throw it right the hell away so i can enjoy the chocolatey cream layer. you have to say "chocolatey" because that ain't chocolate.)
ok, back to my girl's night in.

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  1. I just had swiss rolls with my lunch today and thought of you. Especially as I was peeling off the chocolate coating, unrolling it and licking the cream from the inside. It's the only way to do it.