Thursday, December 3, 2009

history not repeating itself

i cannot believe what a good eater dane is. it is such a freedom to not have to struggle, coerce or cajole him into eating. it's fun taking him to restaurants because number one; he can't walk yet so he doesn't realize all the fun he could be getting into and two; he eats whatever we eat. i'm talking french onion soup, cheeseburgers, japanese noodles, veggie burgers and the list goes on.

it is the opposite of me when i was little. i remember actually being stressed out when dinner would be put on the table. one time i refused to eat my dinner and my mother made me sit at the table till bedtime and then put the dinner into the fridge until the next day when the cycle would begin again. me not eating, her steely cold eyes upon me, me still not eating, staring at the cold grey lumpiness of old dinner. i also remember a birthday party where there was a carousel and soooo many gifts and my mother made me give away all of them to poor kids. and then there was that one day when she found wire hangers in my closet and she called me very calmly and said, "chrisTINE...what are these wire hangers doing in your closet? WHAT did mommie say? NO. MORE. WIRE. HANGERS. EVEEEEEEEEEEER!!!"

oh wait. that wasn't my life. that was "mommie dearest". i forgot.

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  1. My boys used to eat everything and anything too.

    Look at them now, JBL