Monday, November 9, 2009

it was a good idea at the time

last night we had an impromptu dinner party and it was really fun but i am a 35 year old mother and really shouldn't stay up till 2 dancing in my kitchen.

my HIGH-larious neighbor jess started dancing and for some reason grabbed a bowl and a whisk and made it into some sort of culinary dancing delight. then, aaron our friend/amazing designer/contractor began to swiffer whilst dancing to lady gaga's "just dance" which of course turned into "just swiff". i do in fact have video of said tomfoolery but i felt it inappropriate to post with out their consent. instead, i will shame myself and post the video of me incorporating blue painters tape into my choreography. my favorite part is aaron's commentary, "aaand down. and down and one and two and tape it off..."


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