Monday, November 9, 2009

good talk son

the other night we all went to our favorite local joint dixies for some southern comfort food. as the menfolk were taking care of the check i strolled dane outside and had a wonderful talk with him...or AT him i suppose. i have been having such an amazing time being his mommy and i had to tell him. i told him that i loved him sooooo much that i would do anything to make his life as wonderful as it should be and that i will always be there for him even if he thinks i will hate what he has done or what he has to say. as i was telling him this, i swear on my life, he was just beaming up at me, smiling, doing his little laugh he does when i do something silly. like he was seriously listening to what i was saying.

i can't believe the love i feel for this little being. it's nuts.

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