Monday, October 19, 2009

tell me something and i'll believe it

i met a neighbor named meg and she has a darling baby girl and she is also a nurse. the mom, not the baby. although how cute would that be? you're sitting in the waiting room at the dr's office and your name is called and you look up to see a 6 month old in clunky white aerosoles holding a clipboard smiling and drooling. "slllrrr schhhh ffft" (that was her telling you to step on the scale)
so, anyway, i was telling meg about danny being really sick these last few days and she says, all calmly and matter-of-factly, "it's most likely the swine flu. the only ones who AREN'T getting the swine flu are people over 55. they just get the regular flu."

cool. thanks. now i'm freaking out because dane slept poorly last night and woke up with a ridiculously runny nose and wouldn't nurse before going to bed. ALL SYMPTOMS. I GOOGLED IT. crap. he's crying now. again. bye.

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  1. Everyone has it Mol, it's not that bad.... Danny is a sturdy fella. JBL