Friday, October 23, 2009

glee-ful morning

i know dane is my son because he watched the whole episode of glee. he sat on my lap and literally WATCHED THE WHOLE THING.

i really do love the show but jayma mays and her really weird way of speaking KILLS me and the fact that they sing over pre-recorded tracks also bothers me greatly...but jane lynch, on the other hand makes up for it.


  1. ditto. You're getting a lot of followers on here, maybe I should stop posting stupid comments.

  2. I tivoed it and can't wait to watch. I was thinking of having a Glee quote of the week, but I think it's going on break for a bit; crap. And holy followers, batman! Can I steal some? Just kidding.

  3. Those are the things that bother me the most too.... but I still love it.