Friday, August 28, 2009

uh, what now?

so as i said earlier, dane has mastered the skill of pulling himself up.  he's quite delighted with this. so delighted in fact that i think he has become obsessed. case in point:
i put him to bed, oh, an hour ago by now and he can not and simply will not let his body lie down. therefore he is standing and crying crying crying. he'd be rubbing his eyes to express how tired he is except that he CAN'T  because that would mean letting go.  so this is how it goes right now:

he cries. i walk into his room and put him back down with pacifier and dunny (dog/bunny; not sure which as it has both floppy bunny ears as well as bones stitched onto the body) so he's down for a second, literally-like "one -one thousand" and then he pops back up. cry cry cry. go into room. assure him that yes, indeed mommy's proud of you for pulling yourself up and finally using those legs and she's sorry she ever thought you might be some cripply tiny-tim of a boy saying "god bless us everyone" when we gather for christmas goose as we never do any year but it's sleepy time. REPEAT EIGHTEEN TIMES AND COUNTING.
it's like he's afraid he'll wake up tomorrow and have forgotten how. "was it all a dream? a glorious dream?" 

so what do i do parents? do i let him stand and cry cry cry and possibly fall asleep like some mr. ed? 


  1. Put in some ear plugs, pour a glass of wine, and let him cry it out. Easier said than done, of course! xocj

  2. PUH-lease keep this blog going...I LOVE it!!!

  3. I had a 20 minute rule, after that Chris and I gave in maybe he's just not ready to end the day.