Wednesday, August 26, 2009

for whom is this?

as the title suggests i am grappling with the idea of actually committing to a blog in general.
on second thought, that title doesn't really suggest that at all. i just wanted to show you how i can NOT end a sentence with a preposition.
i think it would be great fun for posterity and possibly it would be amusing for my friends and family. i mean, provided i can bring the funny every once in a while.

there are serious questions here to ask meself. yes, i said that on purpose.

like, how personal is too personal? is talking about how i may or may not have clogged our toilet today and caused danny's brother brian to say (more than one time, possibly 8 times) "please please can you just call a plumber?? no don't get a snake, just oh please call a plumber????!"

see. maybe that's too personal. but you know what? i think i've made a decision.

why not. eff it. i think i have things to share from the perspective of a new mommy, a wife, a performer, and a generally goofy gal.

so, i have to figure out some things like how to cut and tape...wait, what? paste. paste i mean. and things like pealing pictures....wait, what? posting. posting pictures.

have some patience with me and i'll hope to give you at little diversion at times.
thank you friends.

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