Thursday, March 4, 2010

still more blood

so maybe dane and i should've stayed home today, surrounded by foam.

we had a lovely evening walk and as we were back in our front yard, dane tried his hand at navigating the front walk. it was VERY cute to see his big, proud, beaming face toddling to my outstretched arms. he was supposed to fall into my arms for a big "YAAAAAY!" and mommy hug but instead of falling into my arms, he fell and smacked his already battered face into the concrete step.
he screamed as i shuffled him inside to assess the damage. i noticed a ding in his chin and as he gathered his breath for the next wail, his mouth opened and out came a pool of bloody drool. lot's of it. i did not like this part of the day.
turns out he had "only" bitten his tongue and the damage was fairly minimal. his darling chiclet teeth are still there.

where was my human babyproofer when i needed her?

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