Wednesday, March 3, 2010

yay for me! i'm blogging again!

so we are back from our florida vacation where we had an awesome fun family filled festival. dane stared walking almost immediately upon our arrival and continued to absorb things like a sponge. his cousins were way more entertaining to him than the millions of toys, books, and puzzles in the house. he grew leaps and bounds and has started saying lots more words. my favorite is "grampa". every time he would see grampa his face would light up and he's say "BAM-PAH!!!!!!!" with great emphasis on the second syllable.
not only was he walking and talking, he was napping and sleeping like a champ. he transitioned into the one nap a day and doesn't require a bottle to help the process.
the florida time was filled with food, wine and kids' shenanigans. very fun. it was also where grandma became a human baby-proofer. she would magically materialize to buffer edges of stairs, edges of walls, bath faucets, pool tables, counter tops and pretty much any object that would pose as a potential threat to a wobbly toddler. all the while saying, "i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i didn't used to be this way!" to which i would reply, "how DARE you woman. how DARE you care about the health and well-being of your grandchildren." and i swear on my life, the ONE time she wasn't right there (but his mommy was) he slammed his forehead right into -wouldn't you just know it!- the EDGE OF THE WALL. as he was crying, his poor forehead sprouted a bump the likes of pinocchio's lying nose.
what was once a house of peace and quiet, no tv, no kids, everything sparkling fresh and clean, everything in its place is now a house of ebbing and flowing chaos and general messiness thanks to the next generation of schwarzes. i have a feeling that while it was a total joy for us to be there, the in-laws breathed a sigh of relief once we were gone.

here is a video of the early walking.

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