Thursday, January 14, 2010

things i dream of

i was just looking at the newest "real simple" which is a magazine that i sometimes love. i say only sometimes because it has cool website suggestions and stuff like "one skirt four ways" but then it often has articles on money to which i promptly squeeze my eyes shut and toss it across the room.
this issue had an article on organization which is a fascinating concept to me. it has pictures of a sparkling kitchen with rows upon rows of labeled jars- lentils, pasta, cous cous for god's sake. then there was another lady profiled who is a master at organizing electronic stuff like cords and chargers. she has drawers full of all her chargers in labeled ziploc baggies. i hate her.
at least once a month, danny will ask me where a certain cord is and i'll immediately get all defensive inside and yell at him to "check the drawer". i have NO IDEA what cords are what and when we moved i shoved every cord-like charger-like thing into a bottom drawer all willy nilly. it's now like one of those trick cans o' snakes. and i never thought those were funny.
anyway, i look at these women with their gift wrapping station and closets of color coded-ness and i just shut down a little. i mean, i can't even find a pen to write a check. i envy these people so much. i would love to look around my house and feel that sense of order. that would be magical.
i guess i could start with baby steps. i could stop shoving everything random into the random drawer. maybe there needs to be a separate spot for my 82 ikea allen wrenches and empty tubes of lip gloss.
oh, i have a great name for a drawer organizer. DRAWERGANIZER. awesome, right?

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  1. Ha, I got that magazine too and looked longingly at those jars of bulk foods and ziplocks. Is that a mom thing? How embarassing! I think you would have to suck if you were really that organized. I know orderly people and I don't like them. I can find my way in a pile like it was made by Dewey so fuck that!