Monday, January 18, 2010

i am not proud of this

being a stay at home mom has it's many advantages like having the time and wherewithal to ask the hard questions.
i recently googled this:

"julie bowen too much botox?"

i REALLY love "modern family". i think it is so well written and it regularly makes me laugh aloud but julie bowen's face makes me feel weird. i think she's a good actress but i think she could be a much better one if she could make a facial expression or two.

i've also seen an interview where she says , more than once: "very kind of" or "very sort of".
i hate this. it is DUMB and pretentious and is used by the likes of gwyneth paltrow and other actor-y actors. it might go something like this:

"you know, my character of 'claire' is the very kind of quintessential mother where she's, you know, like very kind of the head of the household in many ways, blah blah blah, i've been sort of very blessed in life to be able to have these roles, blah blah blah blah"

so yeah, i DO use my time wisely. for example i also recently asked my friend google this gem:

"jemma mays weird voice?"

i just have to know that i'm not in crazyville. i just had to be perfectly sure that other people hear what i hear when she comes onscreen in my other favorite show "glee".
turns out, they do. yep, indeed, i confirmed it. you're welcome.

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