Monday, December 28, 2009

happy birthday baby boy!!

it is about 10:30 in the pm and i went to bed a little bit ago and decided i really wanted to try to post something to the ol' blogosphere. as i was lying in bed not sleeping i realized that i NEVER go to bed without danny or he without me. it's never "hey, i'm gonna stay up and watch this show" or "i'll be right there, i'm just about to finish my book on the couch." i really appreciate the fact that we go to bed together every night. it's nice and cozy and i like it.


so dane turned ONE on saturday december 19th. amazing what a year can bring. i know it's trite and cliche and everything i want to say about it sounds unremarkable, but damn, i was really excited to celebrate that day. i used to swear i would never have a party for a one year old. i always thought it was self indulgent and a greedy way to get people to buy things for your kid. as the day approached, i realized that i really wanted to make it special because it IS so special and once in a lifetime and yes, it's self indulgent but in a good way. you get to celebrate the day that changed your life forever. so we had a little party with cupcakes and pizza and some good friends and their kids and lots and lots of presents. the best was in the morning danny ran to the store to get a few things and i reminded him to get a balloon for dane. he came back with the house from "up". it was very sweet and made me a wee bit teary.

the party was really cute and fun and i'm sure dane didn't appreciate all the hard work his mommy and daddy and his auntie stephanie did (she made the beautiful and delicious cupcakes above!) but we have the pictures to prove it so he can thank us later.

danny and i decided a few weeks earlier that we would have a christmas party that same night except that it would be a winter solstice party and everyone would dress in summer clothing and we'd drink fruity drinks and eat guacamole and there'd be plenty of self tanner lying about if one was so inclined (turns out, more than one were so inclined). i was surprised since it was like negative 2 outside but people came dressed in their summer finery.

at about midnight my neighbor jess came bursting into the party yelling all out of breath for me to go with her and her friend to jacks. i had been waiting for her to come to our party all night and wondered where she had been instead of this party that she was so looking forward to. i believe the actual words which came out of her mouth as she tried to catch her breath were:


it was like trying to get lassie to tell you that timmy fell down the well.

for those who don't know, jacks IS amazing. it's a gross dive bar/chinese food place that has a dance floor and karaoke and a whole lot of CHARACTER. it is also the place where one of the single greatest things happened to me. i was karaoking there for the first time and let me tell you that it was legendary if i do say so myself. it involved a lot of lionel richie, bon jovi and kick-ball-changes. i'm telling you by the end of that night the crowd had swelled from 3 to at LEAST 14. it was so amazing, in fact that the next time i went there, the mrs. karaoke lady said as i walked in:

"MOLLY!!! i was just about to close but we'll stay open for you! sing as many as you want sweetheart!!"

now i know how bono feels.
so when jess burst into the party dangling the jacks carrot at me like that i got all upset because i CAN'T LEAVE MY OWN PARTY JESS! about five minutes after i yelled that at her, danny quietly said, "you know, if you wanna go to jacks, you should go." i pretended to waiver then i LEFT MY OWN PARTY. when we got there, however, the karaoke was over but the dance party was in full swing and we had an awesome time.


  1. #1) why wouldn't you want a 1st birthday party? They're the best. You're not having it to get loot for your kid, you're celebrating the hardest/scariest/most fragile year of his life...He made it through it and he deserves a cupcake to smash in his face.

    #2) i can vouch for that karaoke thing where you walked in and singing was over but they kept it going for as long as you wanted to sing. I was proud to be in your entourage that night.

    #3) I'm excited that you have people in your life that would run all the way from the bar to demand your presence even though they know you are clearly busy, that's awesome!

  2. How do you have the energy, even for one night, to stay up past 9. I just can't muster the strength any more even though I have window shattering memories of me, Whitney, and a Chinatown kareoke bar. All my skills are hopefully being transmitted since I can no longer use them.