Saturday, November 28, 2009

sorry i've been gone so long...

i was in napa just now. i mean, just this past weekend. this past GUH-LOR-IUS weekend. and by weekend i mean from friday to tuesday. we pretty much crashed my in-law's vacation. danny said, "oh! hey! i hear you're going to be in napa? can we come?" so they said yes and we hopped on a plane and BAM! we flew into san fran where we spent the night at hot french jeremie's. we contemplated getting a hotel but we decided that we'd prefer to save the dough and yeah, it sounds great. we arranged to have a sitter arrive almost as soon as we got there and we'd planned on changing clothes, putting baby to sleep and getting our drink on.

except that ain't how it went down. at all.

we arrived and jeremie is packing for a long trip to south america and the apartment is loud and bright and there's music and nary a dark calm-inducing corner to be seen. hence, theretofore, in conclusion, the babysitter arrived when we requested her which was 9pm and we didn't leave the apt till 11:00pm with dane NOT happy about it. at all.

instead of fretting over the fact that my baby is with a total stranger, NOT alseep at 4 hours past his bedtime in a bachelor pad of all bachelor pads, i decided to focus on being free with my husband and friends in a great city and proceeded to have an awesome night. of course, the highlight for ME was karoake-ing at "martunis". a little aretha never hurt anybody.

the next day, after some rice-a-roni and cable car-ing, we headed on to napa where we met the in-laws and proceeded to gorge ourselves on luxury. i had so much luxury that i could've puked. wine, food, babysitters, FREE MINI BAR AND FOOD IN THE ROOM. FREE, I SAID. one of the simultaneous highlights and lowlights was the wine tour of our favorite winery, chappellet. it was a highlight because our guide, marisa, was like hanging out with your cool, funny best friend all the while having amazing wine magically appearing in your glass. the lowlight was dane crawling around in the actual vineyard and bloodying his mouth with a pebble. it was a picture out of a magazine. the whole family looking good, standing around under the crisp blue fall sky, wine in hand, pretending to care about how wine is made, baby crawling in the glorious sunshine until i hear the familiar sound of dane eating. i can ALWAYS know when he has an object in his mouth be it food, pebble or dvd because he goes, "mmmmmm. mmmmmm. mmmm." so i run over to him and try to sweep my finger in his mouth but we were on a hill and my, uh, balance wasn't so sober, i mean, good, and i kind of knocked him down in the process of freeing his pebble from his mouth and when i pulled out my finger there was for sure blood on it.

the other drunkards assured me that these things happen.

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  1. Crappity crap! We were in Sonoma last weekend with MY in-laws. As you will see in my blog, we wouldn't have run into one another because Sonoma and Napa don't mix because Napa is a big fancy celebrity and Sonoma is Jan Brady. Oh well.