Monday, October 26, 2009

i didn't mean to officer, honest i didn't!

it is really crappy here. rainy and cold. so what does one do on such a day? start drinking right away? i WISH. damn kid and this responsibility. talk about BURDEN. sheesh.
no, you go to walmart OF COURSE.
so we're at the walmart and i see dane is getting sleepy so i hand him a little bear/blankey thingy which lots of people call a "lovey". i don't know why, but i just can't bring myself to call it that. there are certain words that feel forced when coming out of my mouth such as:

babe (as in, "hey babe, what time is dinner?")
"i want to go running"

i FULLY intended to pay for the bear blankie and even had at least 2 stern talks with myself on the subject of NOT leaving before paying for it. i was even at the mother humping checkout for one of these talks.

but dane was so sleepy and i pulled the seat cover over his wee noggin and had a nice chat with the checkout guy because he asked me how my weekend was which was a very specific question which made me reflect upon my weekend and thought about how fun it was to get pretty tipsy and by tipsy i mean super hammered while playing spanish with our awesome neighbors and and how danny realized that iphone has an app for baby monitering which is GENUIS and is going to make our dark cold winter here that much more fun because we can play drinking games all the time now at each others houses without having to worry and of COURSE we'll lock the doors if we go to our neighbors i mean, what kind of parents do you think we are except that we never got a KEY to our house when we bought it and did you know that our house used to be a brothel for real and true and...

"yep, you have a good day too! stay warm and dry! take care!"

damn. i forgot to pay for the bear.

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