Wednesday, October 28, 2009

deep breaths...count to ten...

i swear to the lord sometimes i have so much rage against my dog that i want to take a a blunt object to her thick skull and put me out of my misery. after 1o months of mommyhood, being woken up by my son 82,000 times a night in the early months and now in the recent months still at least 3 times a night i CANNOT TOLERATE MY FUCKING DOG BARKING AT THE PLACE WHERE THERE ONCE WAS PIZZA TWO HOURS AGO.


  1. Ohh Ally. The nerve. At least you didn't wake up to her eating a ENTIRE rotisserie chicken or a bag of my mom's yummy tarts...

  2. My poor dog gets all my pent up baby shakes and it is usually in public. Poor bob, he doesn't know.