Saturday, September 19, 2009

wtf happened?

today is dane's 9 month birthday and i feel like an inadequate blogger for letting so much time pass betwixt posts. so i'm sorry to all three of you reading this.

the last few days-DAYS i say- have brought rather tremendous changes in my darling boy. 

numero uno: 
he hates baby food.  i mean HATES it. all of a sudden he is in his high chair which he knows brings the promise of food which somehow causes immense displays of crabbiness as if he's saying, "damn it all woman! i have been waiting a full THREE SECONDS FOR MY FOOD AND NOBODY BUT NOOOOOBODY MAKES ME WAIT THAT LONG AND I'M GONNA MAKE YOU PAY WOMAN BY SCREAMING AND SQUEEZING THESE HERE DAMN TEARS OUT MY EYES!"  (you are supposed to read that like george jefferson, by the way.) and i'm like, "FOR THE LOVE OF NANCY I'M TRYING TO GET THIS EFFING LID OFF THE EFFING CONTAINER WHICH I'M SURE IS SEALED WITH GORILLA GLUE GIVE ME A BREAK!" 
so now i have to oh, what is that word?? cook! oh yeah, cook. like whole separate meals for dane. i mean, i knew it was coming but...

he expresses his displeasure in a really funny way that i'm sure by age 2 won't be nearly as funny. i believe they are called tantrums. he sits on the floor, high chair, grocery cart, whereever and clenches his tiny pudgy hands and even pudgier feet (feet can in fact be clenched) and stiffens his arms and legs in a rage and screams. it is truly THIS moment in my life. 

third thing:
he HATES the strapping in of the body into strollers, car seats, grocery carts, anything with straps. i know this is not surprising because of all the mobility he has discovered of late but it is like wrestling with a slippery fish. an ANGRY slippery fish. 

all these things aside, he is still happy and bubbly and holy crap i can't believe he is 9 months old. 


  1. Welcome back! Wait until he is walking. A trip to the grocery store/restaurant/park/anywhere beyond the crib becomes a tag team event!

  2. 1) I'm amazed you know what gorilla glue is, I just learned about it myself. 2) Of course he hates being strapped in, look at his daddy, putting on anything other than flip flops almost makes him break out in tantrum and 3) I can't wait to come visit next week and see this foot clenching first hand!! I'll help you cook some baby meals if you'd like.

  3. Note to self: don't read blogs while baby is sleeping. I keep laughing her awake!!